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Akiko Audio Churchilllaan 69 6226CT Maastricht  info@akikoaudio.com

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Intosurround is de audiowinkel voor de echte liefhebber. Toonaangevende merken van verschillende Nederlandse importeurs en het Zweedse topmerk XTZ, staan garant voor een geweldige beleving.XTZ is uitsluitend te koop bij Intosurround voor Nederland en BelgiŽ. Door op deze wijze de producten op een andere manier aan te bieden, heeft u een HighEnd product tegen een zeer aantrekkelijke prijs.Flight forum 3542  5657 DW Eindhoven Nederland E-mailadres: info@intosurround.nl Telefoonnr.: +31 (0)40-2342415

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Welkom bij Fabscreations. Onze website is nog in ontwikkeling, maar mocht u interesse hebben in 1 van de schilderijen of meer informatie willen, kunt u contact opnemen door gebruik te maken van het contactformulier op de site.


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Durob Audio BV PO. Box 109  5250 AC Vlijmen The Netherlands primaluna@primaluna.nl

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John Van Gent

In de hifi wereld heerst nog steeds de veronderstelling dat 'goed' duur moet zijn, JvG bewijst het tegendeel en biedt goede producten aan tegen een nog betere prijs. High-End audiokabels johnvangent De Hennepe 455 4003 BG Tiel info@jvg-kabels.nl

John Van Gent
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AMR Abbingdon Music Research

AMR's Philosophy.  Music is one of the oldest, most ubiquitous and fundamental, yet equally most subtle forms of human art, communication and pleasure. Music can be one of our earliest and simplest childhood experiences, yet it also can achieve the breathtaking complexity of a great symphony. It can be as structured as a string quartet or as fluid and improvisational as a jazz solo. It inspires and informs a remarkable range of human senses and movements, from medieval prayer to modern musicals.

Music and dance can be traced back to early ancestors of homo sapiens more than 100,000 years ago and among many so-called primivitive tribal cultures it is the main form of artistic expression. Rhythm, indispensable in dancing, is also a basic element of music. It is natural to beat out the rhythm of the dance with sticks. Music lurks in the corners of everyday life. Hollow objects make notes when struck. Reeds, bamboos and shells whistle and moan when the wind blows into them or if one picks them up and and makes them into a musical instrument. The songs of the lark and nightingale have inspired poets and lovers alike.

Many enjoy music regardless of the quality of the music itself. At AMR, we believe that not only listening to music for enjoyment is as important but that the pursuit of the first-hand experience, its emotional content as much as its sound is almost as important; given that music was first appreciated in the original live form, played by real musicians. Today we have to make do, for the most part, with music that has been recorded and reproduced using technical contraptions.

AMR AM-77 reference class dual mono

Dual-Mono Amplifier Specifictions

Inputs: 5 x RCA
  1 x XLR Bal. shared with 1 RCA
  1 X iPod® shared with 1 RCA
Volume Control: -71dB – 0dB in 1dB steps + Mute
Input Sensitivity (IHF 2.83V Out)/Impedance: < 0.05V / >20KOhm
Power Output (IHF Dynamic Power): 270 watts per channel at 8 ohm
  (FTC): 180 watts per channel at 8 ohm
  180 watts per channel at 4 ohm
Output impedance: 0.5 ohm, 20-20,000 Hz
Frequency Response (-1dB): 10Hz - 50kHz
Signal-to-noise ratio 'A' weighted: >100 dB
Operational Modes: Integrated amplifier mode
  Power amplifier mode
  Monoblock option
  An unlimited number of AM-77s can synchronised
Power consumption: Standby: 50 W
  Power on: 95 W
  at rated output (4R): 1000 W
Power Transformer: 1200 VA Custom Double C Core
Power Supply Capacitance: 48,000uF per channel
Rated voltage: 90V-135V & 190V-260V AC
Colour: Champagne or Titanium
Dimensions: 17.9in W by 6.2in H by 18.3in D
  46cm W by 16cm H by 47cm D
Weight: Amplifier: 90 lbs/ 41 kg
  Shipped: 114 lbs/ 52 kg



Information and specifications subject to change without notice.

This briefly explains why we at AMR are so enthused about music replayed through the highest-quality medium. AMR has embarked upon a journey to develop components that provide the most musically satisfying medium for the playback of music, as it was originally intended.
For AMR, the how, is no less expansive than the why. AMR's diverse background and experiences led it to realise that it was just as important to look to the past as well as the latest to garner the most effective approaches to developing the most musically satisfying components.

AMR CD-77 reference class CD processor

Compact Disk Processor Specifications

Operation modes: • Direct Master I; no digital or analogue filter
  • Direct Master II; no digital filter, anti-sin(x)/(x) analogue filter
  • Oversampling 2X
  • Oversampling 4X
  • Upsampling 96KHz
  • Upsampling 192KHz
Compact Disk Drive: Custom, Toploading
Digital Audio Inputs: 1 x USB interface
Analog Outputs: 1 X RCA; 1 X XLR per Channel
Output voltage ( Digital Full Scale) : >2V
Output Impedance: < 200 Ohm
Frequency Response: 20Hz to 20 kHz +0.0, -0.5dB
Signal-to-noise ratio 'A' Weighted: > 100 dB
Total Harmonic Dist. + Noise ( THD +N ): <0.3%
Dynamic range: >90 dB
Channel separation: >100 dB
Power consumption: Standby: 45 W
  Power on: 90W
Rated voltage: 90V-135V & 190V-260V AC
Colour: Champagne or Titanium
Dimensions: 17.9in W by 6.2in H by 18.3in D
  46cm W by 16cm H by 47cm D
Weight: CD Processor: 77 lbs/35 kg
  Shipped: 101.5 lbs/ 46 kg

Information and specifications subject to change without notice.

These perspectives go some way to explain why AMR components offer a technological fusion of the vey best of past and leading-edge designs, circuits and components. There was a method in our approach which may at times seem just an amalgam, but to be sure, performance was the mandate in developing components that recreate recorded music to the highest degree of realism and emotional involvement.

CD-77 : Closest to vinyl, ever

Reference Class
Compact Disk Processor
LS-77 : Totally Uncompromised

Reference Class
Professional Monitor


AM-77 : Single Ended Triode Magic

Reference Class
Dual-Mono Amplifier



Everything But the Room

Cables & Accessories

Abbingdon Music Research is a subsidiary of the Abbingdon Global Group
22 Notting Hill Gate
London; W11 3JE
United Kingdom
Tel: +44 (0) 870 420 5505
Fax: +44 (0) 700 596 1065

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