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Intosurround is de audiowinkel voor de echte liefhebber. Toonaangevende merken van verschillende Nederlandse importeurs en het Zweedse topmerk XTZ, staan garant voor een geweldige beleving.XTZ is uitsluitend te koop bij Intosurround voor Nederland en BelgiŽ. Door op deze wijze de producten op een andere manier aan te bieden, heeft u een HighEnd product tegen een zeer aantrekkelijke prijs.Flight forum 3542  5657 DW Eindhoven Nederland E-mailadres: info@intosurround.nl Telefoonnr.: +31 (0)40-2342415

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In de hifi wereld heerst nog steeds de veronderstelling dat 'goed' duur moet zijn, JvG bewijst het tegendeel en biedt goede producten aan tegen een nog betere prijs. High-End audiokabels johnvangent De Hennepe 455 4003 BG Tiel info@jvg-kabels.nl

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Who is JOB ?
JOB, created in 1994, has bases both in Geneva Switzerland and in Los Angeles USA.
Our mission is to design, manufacture and market the best possible user-friendly sound equipment for home use.
Instead of developing mass marketing products of cheap value, JOB prefers to concentrate on the absolute highest technology R&D, selling its technology to larger-market companies for audiophiles who cannot afford the top high end products but want the same sound quality at the lowest possible price. Their affordable price and ease of use differentiate the JOB products from ultra High-end components and their extraordinary price and from other mid-fi components with far less satisfactory sound quality. See more about JOB roots in Who is JOB ?.

The most spectacular Amplifier circuit ever made
Since the early days, the dedication of the JOB development team is to create the highest possible performance amplification circuit. First seen on the legendary JOB Mono, then the JOB Stereo, the JOB amplification circuit has been adopted and used under license by other high end Audio companies as the best ever made for sound quality, ease of use and affordable price. The following JOB 2 initially used in the first JOB 200 has established the JOB circuit as a unique example of high power circuit even better than its low power predecessors, followed by the JOB 3. And the Job4 then JOB 4.5 now available in the JOB 500 and JOB 150.
The technical supremacy of the JOB circuit is now established in the Audio Industry and several other companies are looking for using the JOB circuit under license.
  JOB is also used in High End Audio Home applications
Since 1996 end, our company has joined the A.I.H.C. Organization long known for the Goldmund and Stellavox products they promoted for the last 20 years. Now working for developing their top audio gear, JOB has acquired the reputation to be able to produce the best sounding audiophile equipment, but at down-to-earth price, showing its competence in high-tech Audio scalability.

Highest Construction Quality
To achieve exceptional sound quality, we needed exceptional construction quality. We picked the best components on earth, and have them assembled by ISO9002 factories who can guarantee the most accurately assembled products. No amateurism accepted. And to be sure of what we deliver, we test the finished product by running it for a week. The result is an exceptional reliability with the lowest failure rate we could even have dreamed of.

More R&D is the key to our Future
With the increased R&D budget brought by A.I.H.C., JOB is now on it's way to become one of the most advanced Audio technology development firms in the world. We now have a much stronger group of Research together with Goldmund and Stellavox and it allows us to develop much more advanced Audio technologies which may be applied to any kind of Audio gear, from affordable to crazy audiophile equipment as well as to professional Audio equipment. The A.I.H.C.Group is known to devote more than 12% of its income to R&D. With the best Audio specialist from around the world, JOB is now the fastest growing company devoted to high technology Audio progress.
 Not only Computers Freaks are looking for a JOB
We started with computer peripheral design, but rapidly discovered that out products were attractive for other fields too! With our JOB Stereo, the fastest audio amplifier in existence and our JOB Speaker, the first single stereo speaker, we attracted attention from many different kind of users. See our configurations page.
  And now a 150W lower price amplifier
JOB celebrated JOB 300 has now a smaller brother. The JOB 150 uses the same JOB4 circuit but has no input level adjustment. It is the lowest price JOB ever made and an ideal amplifier for affordable top performance multi-channel systems. See more details in our products page.

Aren't we celebrated ?
We were really puzzled when we saw the Job Poem in The New Yorker Magazine. Share our pride! And check our product reviews if you want to know what we get from the Audio Press. 

The JOB Mono Amplifier
The Original... Ideal for Multi-Channel systems, and (as planned initially) for all kind of professional use. Its 999 position 10 turns level control is ideal for precision level setup and its speed and power makes it the most accurate sound reinforcement amp ever produced. Thanks to the extreme clarity of sound achieved, it is now considered asthe best sounding amp in the world. 200W max on 3 Ohms. Bandwidth 1 MHz. Extremely small size for the power and the quality : 6" (W) x 2" (H) x 10" (D). Weight : 3.5 kg. Finished in dark silver metal.
Technical data

The JOB Speaker
Stereo speaker. Ideal for Multimedia first , but also for small Home-Theater, bedside Mini Systems, Multi-Room installations, etc... It is using the famous Stereolith principle allowing to get a realistic stereo image from a single Speaker. Provides the most natural space recreation and stereo imaging without being position dependent. 4 drivers. Very small : 9 1/2" (H) x 9" (W) x 8 1/4" (D). Very light : 3.1 kg. Finished in dark silver assorted with the amplifier metal finish.
Technical Data

The JOB Stereo
The smallest fastest stereo amplifier in existence. Maybe even better than our legendary JOB Mono. A nightmare for the High-End Audio industry, the best sound for small computer playback systems and real music lovers... Provides a single volume control knob on front panel for easy desktop settings. Delivers 2 x 50W on 8 Ohms. Maximum power 2 x 100W. More than 4MHz bandwidth before limitation. Same size as the JOB Mono : 6" (W) x 2" (H) x 10" (D). Weight : 3.5 kg. Finish as for the JOB Mono.
Technical Data

The JOB 150
A less expensive mono amplifier without performance compromise. Equipped with the most recent JOB4 High-power circuitry used by Goldmund in its Millennium amplifiers for a very, very low price. Delivers 150W RMS on 8 Ohms. DC to 1 MHz bandwidth. Size : 5" (W) x 1.5" (H) x 8" (D). Weight : 4 kg. Finish as for the JOB Mono.
Technical Data and Performance graphs

The JOB 500
A High-power stereo amplifier without competition in the market. Equivalent to 2 x Job 150 inside a single chassis for a very, very low price. Delivers 200W RMS per channel on 8 Ohms. DC to 1 MHz bandwidth. Size : 12" (W) x 4" (H) x 10" (D). Weight : 9 kg. Finish as other JOB models.
Technical Data and Performance graphs

The JOB Active Preamp
Shown on top of a Job 500, the JOB Preamp is an preamp with 4-input switch and Volume control for a simple system.
Size : 6" (W) x 2" (H) x 10" (D). Weight : 2kg. Finish as other JOB models.