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Intosurround is de audiowinkel voor de echte liefhebber. Toonaangevende merken van verschillende Nederlandse importeurs en het Zweedse topmerk XTZ, staan garant voor een geweldige beleving.XTZ is uitsluitend te koop bij Intosurround voor Nederland en BelgiŽ. Door op deze wijze de producten op een andere manier aan te bieden, heeft u een HighEnd product tegen een zeer aantrekkelijke prijs.Flight forum 3542  5657 DW Eindhoven Nederland E-mailadres: info@intosurround.nl Telefoonnr.: +31 (0)40-2342415

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Welkom bij Fabscreations. Onze website is nog in ontwikkeling, maar mocht u interesse hebben in 1 van de schilderijen of meer informatie willen, kunt u contact opnemen door gebruik te maken van het contactformulier op de site.


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In de hifi wereld heerst nog steeds de veronderstelling dat 'goed' duur moet zijn, JvG bewijst het tegendeel en biedt goede producten aan tegen een nog betere prijs. High-End audiokabels johnvangent De Hennepe 455 4003 BG Tiel info@jvg-kabels.nl

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After having won over the international audiophile community with state-of-the-art reference amplifiers, to conceive a product with a set price point as the main design limit has been a true challenge to Pathos.

The Classic One project was initiated to transfer, in a more affordable amplifier, all the know-how and expertise acquired developing reference products. Classic One represents a new standard in its price category: it success fully blends in a single chassis a preamplifier and power amplifier, completely separated from each other and provided with their own individual power supplies.

The pre-stage - or, better, the preamplifier - is purely tube, balanced, pure Class A, extremely low noise, with high intrinsic linearity and without any feedback. It provides an exquisitely tube sound in terms of transparency, air, harmonics and refinement… in one word, musicality.

co2The power stage is a solid state power amplifier, high bias current, Class A/AB in order to adequately drive every load. It provides the sound with speed and dynamics, without influencing the tube nature of the sound. The volume control is motorised and remote controlled, the remote itself is of solid wood. Power supplies are over-dimensioned and stabilised. Selected components, pure silver Pathos signal cable wiring, gold plated terminals, high quality materials, and refinement at its highest standard are additional benefits provided with the Classic One.

Together with such sound performance and overall quality, the Classic One is offered at a price that clearly demonstrates a philosophy of value for money. This all possible thanks to an aimed design approach coupled with extremely accurate engineering and superior aesthetic form.

co3Main Specifications:
Type: Integrated amplifier with remote in Class A/AB, hybrid circuit with input tube stage, bridgeable
Output Power: 2 x 70W @ 8 Ohm, 2 x 130W @ 4 Ohm, 270W in bridged mode (mono)
Inputs: 5 line, including one balanced (XLR)
Frequency response: 2Hz ÷ 100kHz
THD: <0.05%
Signal/noise ratio: 90dB
Input impedance: 100kOhm


T.T. the first appearance of Pathos on the hi-fi scene did not go unnoticed: a short time after its debut, the T.T. has achieved a solid position among those very few components which contribute to writing the history of High-Fidelity. International audio reviews welcomed the first product from Pathos with front page covers, highly enthusiastic comments and numerous prestigious awards.

When listening to music reproduced through a T.T. amplifier, everyone can experience the honest difference in terms of musicality, transparency, tonal colour and absence of listening fatigue. The reason why this difference can he consistently and immediately appreciated is because the T.T. is different. This difference is named INPOL®, the exclusive worldwide patented pure Class A feedback-free circuitry which has been claimed to represent the most important innovation in musical amplification of the last years.

Highly selected components, pure silver Pathos signal wiring, and craftsmanship of the highest level are the most appropriate compliments to the T.T. reference sound. Through the years, the TT has been constantly perfected and updated in order to keep this living legend alive. Today the TT is availible in its original volume configuration - a purely reststive 24-step manual volume control - and also in a remote controlled version - an optical device which drives a battery of read relays (vacuum packed, thorium contacts), which in turn drive a network of precision resistors (1% metal layer) in 1dB steps.

Be it in the Americas or the Old World, the T.T. has achieved a level of respect across the globe that one can only describe as unanimous, whether in terms of originality of industrial design, uniqueness in circuit topology, or ultimately, sincerity in sonic reproduction. Simply put, the T.T. exists for those who believe music is food for the soul.

Main Specifications:
Type: integrated amplifier operating in pure class A according to INPOL® circuitry
Power output: 2 x 35W @ 8 Ohm
Feedback: absent
Frequency response: 13 Hz ÷ 78 kHz ± 0,5 dB
THD: < 0, 5% up to the maximum power
Signal/noise ratio: 90 dB
Slew rate: 38 volt/µs
Input impedance: 100 kOhms
Absorption at rest: 240 W

The T.T. is available in three versions:
Classic (C): manual 24 step resistive volume
Remote (R): remote electronic volume
Reference Remote (RR): remote resistive volume in 1dB steps



Are a couple of highly innovative monoblock amplifiers allowed to be driven by a business-as-usual preamplifier? Definitely not.

The InControl project started exactly with this goal: to provide the InPower monoblocks with a control unit that was able to allow them to deliver all their impressive potential.
A goal not easily achieved: the research and development required two years of lengthy study and hard work. Fortunately though, as is custom at Pathos, the end result is one of excellence.

InControl is a two stage preamplifier entirely and intrinsically balanced, operating in pure Class A.
InControl has been developed according to all the traditional Pathos guidelines: tube tension amplification, solid state current amplification, well dimensioned power supplies and the highest quality selected components.

The amplification stage is obtained with a double triode in balanced configuration, while the output buffer is de signed with extremely low noise components, for a sonic result which favours musicality, transparency and naturalness.

In order to achieve maximum performance, all the single power supplies are obtained by means of single stabilized shielded power suppliers installed in a separate unit.

The volume control - which can be adjusted both by dialing the knob and via the hand :rafted solid wood remote control - is of the highest sophistication: it acts in 1dB steps by means of an optical device which drives a battery of relais (vacuum packed, with thorium contacts), which drive a network of precision resistors (1%,
metal layer). In a word, accuracy at its finest.

Main Specifications:
Type: two stage preamplifier with remote in pure Class A
Feedback: absent
Frequency response: 5Hz ÷ 60kHz ± 0.3 dB
THI): <O.3%
Signal/noise ratio: 100dB
Input impedance: 100kOhm
Volume control: purely resistive, in 1 dB steps
Inputs: 5 line, including one balanced (XLR)
Outputs: 3, including one balanced (XLR)


Endorphin is a neurochemical occurring naturally in the human brain. It promotes more dopamine to be released, providing feelings of enjoymeand pleasure.The same enjoyment and pleasure as you can now experience when playing your favorite music with Pathos' newest CD player Endorphin™          
Key spec and features:   
D/A conversion:               Dual, differential 24-bit delta-sigma DAC s
Analog stage:                 Dual, fully balanced, tube, class A, zero feedback
Conversio rate:               up to 192KHz
Dynamic range:                120dB
THD + N :                     -100dB
Power supply:                 Dual-mono stabilized power supply
Max audio output level:       2V, fixed
Analog outputs:               1 pair balanced XLR
Digital outputs:              Coa  Coaxial S/PCo xial S/PDIF
Optical EIAJ                               

480 x 400 x 100 mm (19 7/8” x 15 3/4” x 4 1/3” )

Estimated availability  April 2006

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Tel. +39 0444 264732
Fax. +39 0444 381275
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